Intumescent Steelwork Protection

Intumescent Paint is a fast method of providing fire protection to structural steel.

  • Up to 120 minutes fire protection to structural steel.

It has the advantage of other methods of structural steel fire protection in that it gives a smooth robust decorative finish that allows the structural to be used as an integral part of the building design
Intumescent paint can be used in conjunction with other fire protection systems however due to the nature of its activation care must be taken in its application. The heat from a fire causes a chemical reaction which cause the paint to expand causing a ‘Char’.

It is this expansion of the paint, which in some instances can be up to 50 times its original thickness, that creates the insulation and protects the substrate. This insulation is designed to stop the steelwork reaching a temperature that would cause structural failure.
The paint comes in two forms listed below, please follow the links if you want to know more about them or alternatively call us on 0857175399.


Water-based coatings dry quickly to a smooth, hard finish and this compared to solvent based solutions can reduce application times by up to a half, thereby cutting installation costs. This also allows for speedier access for following trades.
The product that meets the required application will vary depending upon the length of fire protection needed and where the paint is to be applied. As professional intumescent paint contractors, GF Firestop solutions can help you find the solution.

Jotun Waterbased Intumescent Paints

Solvent Intumescent Paint

Whilst many solvent based intumescent paints are suitable for external and semi-exposed steelwork application they can also be used indoors. Paints with a thin film help to provide a quality finish whist also reducing drying times however it is important to get a competent installer to ensure that the paint is applied in line with the manufacturers recommendations.

GF Firestop Solutions can help you find a intumescent painting solution that meets your requirements.
We are approved with all leading manufacturers, some are listed below:


You can read more about the high quality products we use on the job, by visiting their respective websites: Jotun, Nullfire.

Nullifire Solvent Paint

Intumescent Paint Inspection

GF Firestop Solutions operate completely independent of all paint manufacturers and painting contractors and so our Clients can be confident that they are receiving reliable and independent advice from experienced professionals.

Intumescent Varnish for timber is designed to increase the fire performance of the timber substrate in two different ways. Firstly it increases the surface spread of flame to a British Class 0 and also a Euro Class B and secondly on substrates of a minimum thickness we can increase the fire performance to 30 minutes or in some cases 60 minutes.

• Class 0 / 1 Surface spread of Flame
• 30min fire resistance
• Fire certification for building control
• Internal and External use
• Waterbased
• Topcoat finish MATT, SATIN, GLOSS
• Application via Brush, Roller or Airless spray.
• Primer available
• Easy application

Intumescent Paint For Plaster

Intumescent Paint For Plasteris designed to increase the fire performance of a lath and plaster or plasterboard wall/ceiling. Standard lath and plaster walls or ceiling are generally assumed to have a fire performance of around 20min if in good condition, our Intumescent paint is designed and tested to increase the fire performance up to 60 minutes with a thickness of paint applied of just 0.25mm or ¼ of a mm.

• 30 and 60 minute fire protection
• Class 0 / 1 Surface spread of Flame
• Fire certification for building control
• Waterbased
• Topcoat to any RAL or BS colour.
• Application via Brush, Roller or Airless spray.
• Primer available
• Easy application

Intumescent Paint for Plaster.

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