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GF Firestop Solutions provide fireproof barrier & intumescent painting solutions for various businesses and industries across Ireland.

Structural Steel Fire Protection

Intumescent paint is a fast method of providing u to 120 minutes fire protection to structural steel.

It has the advantage of other methods of structural steel fire protection in that it gives a smooth robust decorative finish that allows the structural to be used as an integral part of the building design. Intumescent paint can be used in conjunction with other fire protection systems however due to the nature of its activation care must be taken in its application.

The heat from a fire causes a chemical reaction which cause the paint to expand causing a ‘Char’. It is this expansion of the paint, which in some instances can be up to 50 times its original thickness, that creates the insulation and protects the substrate. This insulation is designed to stop the steelwork reaching a temperature that would cause structural failure.

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Firestopping Installations

GF Firestop Solutions is are a self accredited contractor in the application of fire stopping and sealing to service voids/penetrations in fire rated compartment walls and floors.

With its unrivalled knowledge and expertise, proven track record of delivering results that meet the Building Regulations, and truly Quality Without Questions achieved on each and every building site, GF Firestop Solutions quickly became a leading mark for the installation of fire stopping products and systems in Ireland.

With all qualifications and accreditations needed, whatever the challenge – rest assured, GF Firestop Solutions will complete the job with excellence.
Because above all else, we are here to champion respect for our trade, the art of workmanship, and we take pride in overcoming the challenges and being one of the best.

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