FIRAS certification started in 1994 and has been instrumental in improving standards of installation of fire protection products/systems to the benefit of the construction industry and the clients it serves.
FIRAS is a third party certification for installation contractors of both passive and active fire protection systems, operated by Warrington Certification, and accredited by UKAS to EN45011.

Why Choose a FIRAS certificated Installation Contractor…
FIRAS certificated contractors are required to undergo a 3 stage assessment process. And, only when the applicant contractor has satisfied all of these criteria is certification granted:

  • Assessment of office management systems
  • Assessment of workmanship on site for all trade disciplines for which certification is sought
  • Competence assessment of supervisory and installation employees.


FIRAS certification is awarded to the contracting company not individual supervisors or operatives. FIRAS certification is strictly controlled to cover only the trade disciplines assessed. Should a contractor wish to increase their scope of certification, a separate application must be made and the contractor must undergo the same 3 stage assessment process to attain the additional certification as that originally undertaken.

Fire Protection

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection Ireland (ASFPI) was established in 2011 to support those responsible for legislation, specification, inspection and installation of passive fire protection throughout Ireland.
ASFPI offers a structured and professional approach to passive fire protection, working with Government and industry alike to improve the knowledge base of all involved in the manufacture, approval, specification, installation and management of passive fire protection. Its mission is to be the leading authority for passive fire protection in Ireland for the purpose of protecting life, and property and sustaining the environment from the effects of fire.
ASFPI offers guidance, training and members forums, as well as participating in relevant events across Ireland.

All ASFPI members must be compliant with the ASFPI code of practice, and demonstrate the following key areas of competencies, and requirements:

  • Demonstrate a current track record in passive fire protection.
  • Provide evidence of appropriate levels of insurance.
  • Provide evidence of employed staff e.g. CITB levy notice.
  • Submit one year’s accounts (unless applying for probationary membership)
    Must be third party certificated.
  • Each contracting member of the Association shall only employ workers in strict compliance with current legal practices.

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