FIRAS FIRAS certification started in 1994 and has been instrumental in improving standards of installation of fire protection products/systems to the benefit of the construction industry and the clients it serves.FIRAS is a third party certification for installation contractors of both passive and active fire protection systems, operated by Warrington Certification, and accredited by UKAS to […]
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Products Used

Products Used At GF Firestop LTD we understand that a strong supply chain with our manufacturers is vital to ensure we receive the technical support that we need when we need it, in order to find suitable firestopping solutions to difficult design requirements that can often come up when constructing fire protection within new and […]
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Firestopping  GF Firestop LTD Is are a Third Party accredited contractor in the application of fire stopping and sealing to service voids/penetrations in fire rated compartment walls and floors. With its unrivalled knowledge and expertise, proven track record of delivering results that meet the Building Regulations and truly Quality Without Questions achieved on each and […]
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Intumescent Steelwork Protection

Intumescent Steelwork Protection Intumescent Paint is a fast method providing fire protection to structural steel • Up to 120 minutes fire protection to structural steel It has the advantage of other methods of structural steel fire protection in that it gives a smooth robust decorative finish that allows the structural to be used as an […]
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