• Tested to BS EN 1365-2 (loaded floors) and to BS 476 Pts 20-22 (non-loaded floors) : up to EI 90
  • Simple installation method
  • Does not disturb ceilings or damage ornate coving
  • 42 dB acoustic performance
  • Optifire TM unique traceability identifier
  • No additional support required
  • Lightweight product


FB770 Intudeck is a rock mineral fibre coated on one side with a smoke and fire resistant sealant. Light weight and quick to install, FB770 can be cut to suit on site and fitted using compression and FS702 Intumastic bonding between joists. 

Ideal where decorative ceilings cannot be disturbed due to lower floor occupancy. FB770 Intudeck may be used to upgrade the compartment capability to 90 minutes fire Integrity and Insulation (EI 90) whilst maintaining the load capacity of the floor.

FB770 is often used above ornate lathe and plaster ceilings within heritage homes but is also suitable for use in small unites such as flats above shopping facilities or multi-occupancy building conversions/

In conjunction with other Nullifire products, FB770 Intudeck is service receiving and can accomodate both combustible and non combustible services. Please consult CPG UK Technical Services for further details.


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